Our Managing Committee

i. Dr Qamar Rehman(President)
Former Deputy Director Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow and Area leader of Inhalation Toxicology and Human Risk Assessment. Dr Qamar Rahman is Adjunct Professor at Hamdard University. Visiting Professor at Rostock University. She is Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, and Society of Toxicology of India. Her expertise is in the field of the toxicity of Fibers, Particles and Nanoparticles, and known Nationally and Internationally. She has served at many Universities in USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Professor Rahman was recently appointed by the Ministry of Minorities Government of India as member of Central Wakf Council on Education.

ii. Mr.Fareedul Haq Khan- (Vice President) – Businessman and social worker

iii. Mr. Tariq Khan (General Secretary)
Appointed by the Hon’ble Supreme court as a member of Panel on Rehabilitation of Sex Workers, a post graduate in management Tariq Khan is a social activist and a filmmaker focusing on education, awareness, harmony and the cultural heritage of Awadh.

iv. Mr. Rashid Khan (Treasurer) – Social Activist and Nature lover
v. Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva –Businessman
vi. Risha Syed – Advocate and Human Right Activist
vii. Mr. Rajneesh Rawat – Businessman
viii. Mrs. Uzma Khan – Academician
ix. Mrs Naina Bhandari – A very Senior Social Worker and Humanist
x. Mrs. R.S. Gautam – Home maker
xi. Mrs. Divya Bhattacharya – Stage and television