Success Stories

Name: Haseen Jahan
Age: 30 years old
Marital status: Divorced from first husband, remarried
Family Detail: Husband & one son
Source of income: Her husband, Javed does repairing of electrical items earning Rs. 3,000-4,000/- per month.

  1. The Problem: She has faced violence & abuse in her first marriage. Her present husband did not allow her to keep her son from first husband. Because of family & society she accepted his condition & left her son to his grandparents. She is living a better life but still faces financial problem. Recently her husband has left for Saudi Arabia with the hope of better earning, she has to manage expenses of her family.
  2. Identification of problem: Our community mobiliser, Ms. Alka Srivastava met Haseen Jahan 3 years ago in Bharat Academy where both of their sons were studying in same class. Haseen Jahan discussed that she wanted to come out of her problems & begin a new life. Understanding her need & situation she discussed about FEED and its Resource Centre(Hunar Ghar) & convinced her for the training.
  3. Importance of the problem: The problem is important because once she has been a victim of domestic violence. She had no choice but to re marry as she was dependent on her parents for everything. She needs to be made self dependent so that she can take decisions of her life without any pressure.
  4. Steps taken to address the problem: Since Haseen Jahan did not know zardozi so she was counseled & motivated by the FEED staff for the training programs. Her household survey was done by the community mobiliser. Initially she was invited in orientation meetings at Hunar Ghar so that she could connect with us. We have tried to build her confidence level through self defence workshop, exposure visits, participation in Lucknow HAAT exhibition & Nepal relief initiative, training at AIFT etc. She has prepared samples also for which she was paid fair wages. She would be included in SHG & work opportunities will be given.
  5. Challenges and how they were met: She was reluctant in joining zardozi training, after continuous follow up & motivation she joined it & now she is a master trainer.
  6. Results: She is always ready for any kind of challenges. She has learnt the art of zardozi which she was totally unfamiliar with. Due to our motivation & confidence building activities she is doing marketing & earning little for her family.
  7. Beyond Results: She has developed as a leader. She does door to door selling of Amway & boutique products. This gives her additional income.
  8. Lessons Learned: Activities which have great positive impact should be included which will be interesting as well as beneficial for the targeted population.