Why we do

India is afflicted by serious problems of inequality and discrimination across various spheres-ranging from unequal educational opportunities to under employment of the youth, poverty, indiscrimination towards the marginalized sections of the society and many others. According to a UNESCO report 37% of the world’s total illiterate population is in India. According to UNDP, 29.8% of the Indian population lives under the poverty line. Such social and economic inequalities cause the disadvantage groups to struggle to gain access to basic resources.

In UP alone, an estimated 40.9% of the population is under the poverty line. The literacy rate at 69.72 percent is also a major challenge, particularly when measured against the national literacy rate of 74.04 percent. The gap between male literacy (79.24 percent) and female literacy (59.26 percent) is also quite significant. Health indicators too are lower than the national average.

FEED focuses on UP with an aim to alleviate the condition of disadvantaged sections in the state by generating awareness about such issues, providing education, implementing welfare activities and working towards a better tomorrow